School Administration

Why Partner

When staffing challenges prevent your school from managing teacher absences effectively and complicating day-to-day operations, student learning is inevitably impacted as staff morale suffers. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for you to partner with us.

Teachers On Demand specializes in placing permanent, long-term, and/or daily staff in schools across the nation. When you partner with us, substitute staffing is simplified - you’ll appreciate the benefits and notice an impact from the beginning.

What To Expect

Employer: As an employer, you’ll meet Teachers On Demand and share the job requirements along with any other needs you’d like to add. Based on your input, we’ll then create a job description and share it across various channels. If and when we find an appropriate candidate, we’ll perform screening interviews and narrow the pool down even further.

Worker: As a worker, you’ll have to get in touch with Teachers On Demand who will inquire about your background, knowledge, and skills, subsequently identify relevant positions that employers need filled. You can also apply for positions on our website after browsing through our job listings.

Our Support

Both employers and individuals looking for work can benefit from our support. A job seeker can come across opportunities he might not have discovered on his own. We can also help locate new positions for job seekers who intend to change positions or industries.

Employers will save energy and time they would usually spend on the hiring process. In addition, our experienced recruiters are working on their behalf to find qualified talent actively – candidates who may not have applied for the position through the company website or a job board.

Your Advantage

While there are many advantages of using our services, the real difference can be evident in your school's ability to solve problems more easily and with far less downtime. Whether your challenge is a lack of qualified substitutes to fill special education placements or diminished staff morale due to low presenteeism, we have the resources and the experience to customize a solution for your school. From training to hiring to managing your substitute pool, we can help you radically transform your absence management program and keep it running at optimal efficiency.

As staffing specialists, Teachers On Demand can assist you in data analysis at all steps and formulate a plan to deal with staffing issues. We take advantage of advanced technology applications with positive human interactions to create an efficient, robust absence management system. We’re with you for the long-run, long after hiring substitutes, we'll continue to manage ongoing professional development, payroll, scheduling, and even corrective action when required.

Positions Staffed

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School FAQ

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Job Seeker FAQ

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