Student-driven. Educator-led. Solutions-oriented.

Teachers on Demand is student-driven, educator-led, and solutions-oriented. With years of combined experience, we offer our services exclusively in the education industry. We focus our resources and expertise on understanding and engaging with educations firms, leadership needs, and industry trends, both present and future; we offer an array of services to our educational partners to meet their needs, including substitute services.

As the leading teacher recruiting firm, we nurture and guide our educational providers throughout their career by partnering with them and offering development, collaboration, and coaching. We’re dedicated to their success!

What makes us the best?

  • Schools often lack the experience and/or time to appoint candidates and non-instructional staff effectively. They might overlook a talented candidate and appoint one who isn’t suitable for the position.
  • We have the ideal capability to screen resumes and understand the candidates’ potential. Usually, academic qualifications aren’t sufficient to be a perfect teacher. We have the capacity to look into the candidates' other aspirations and hobbies and make the best fit for them.
  • Schools save a significant amount of time and resources if the responsibility is outsourced to educational staffing agencies. We also help reduce the school’s risk of making a recruitment decision that they might come to regret in the future.
  • We check every certification. This offers a substantial benefit to the schools as it gets guaranteed that every compliance criteria is met before the candidate begins working. A significant administrative burden is taken off from the shoulders of the school. They can focus more on educating the children – their core business.
  • Quality candidates usually prefer to be recruited through educational staffing agencies. It’s a quicker and better way to get into a reputed institution. Plus, the agencies have a greater number of jobs in store that are usually not advertised through traditional means.
  • Like Teachers On Demand, the best recruitment and placement agencies consult with the job seekers to ensure the best possible fit between the job seeker and the school. This way, the school benefits by offering its students a better standard of education.
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